Caylee Auge


The Salon Profit Project is an online course that blends self-study and mentorship to get you on top of the financial side of your salon business in easy steps, you can implement in your busy life.

One-On-One Coaching

This 6-12 month package will be custom built to suit the needs of your business. This coaching is primarily digital; may include live trainings. I will help you run your business from behind the scenes. My clients experience major changes in their business with this method, and I only accept clients who have the potential to grow past the investment they make with me. Only 6 spaces available for this limited program…schedule a consult for a proposal and get on the waiting list today!


In order to nurture your relationship with your business you have to know how it’s doing. You have to know if it’s happy and thriving or falling into a rut. I will collect financial information from your bookkeeper and your salon. Based on those findings I will provide you with an assessment of red flags and areas of improvement in your business. This is how you’ll make adjustments for it to profit!


Communication for Success is a live event that helps Salon Owners and managers build long-term relationships with their clients and co-workers, so that they can generate more revenue and eliminate conflict in the workplace


Together we will identify your goals for the culture you want to create in your business. We will assess your financials and your reports to then tailor a compensation model that makes sense for your salon.